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This theme 'Casper Sidebar' is simply the default Ghost theme with a sideba. It's suited for users wanting to share information, such as snippets, recipes etc. It looks organized while keeping the post area narrow to minimize the appearance of wide empty code blocks. This enables you to have short snippets without having your blog looking too empty and sparse, making it hard to read.

It can also be used for any other type of content where blog posts are going to be relatively short but valuable, e.g recipes, lists, instructions etc. It's easily adaptable to any niche as changing only one background is enough to transform it's look. The typography and colours can easily be changed as it uses a LESS file containing all variables.

It also has the Bootstrap Twitter library included so you have a wide variety of pre-made styles.

Features and benefits

  • Focused for shorter blog posts such as snippets, recipes etc.
  • Ideal for developers
  • Fully responsive
  • Bootstrap 3.03
  • Syntax Highlighting with highlight.js
  • Uses a minimalistic design
  • Includes documentation and support
  • Social Sharing: Integrates Twitter, Facebook and Google+ sharing for each post
  • Uses as a contact page replacement


  • Compatible with Bootstrap 3.0.x
  • Uses Bootstrap 3.0.3
  • Written in valid HTML5 that makes good use of proper semantics
  • Theme modifications are stored in a separate CSS stylesheet to make upgrading easy


  • Firefox 20+
  • Latest Chrome
  • Latest Safari
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Opera 11


  • Ghost 0.3.3 -
  • Ghost Casper theme - (theme based on Casper)
  • Bootstrap Twitter 3.03 -
  • Font Awesome 4.0.3 -

Live demo

Theme details

Bootstrap 3.x
Compiled with LESS
Tow column layout

Compatible with

All our themes are tested in the latest browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari