1. Can I use these products with any programming language

All themes and templates are coded in only HTML, CSS and JS. We know many of you like building your own products. Hence, you can use any language to build your site. You can use PHP, NodeJS, Rails etc. We only provide the front-end. Our starter-kits are coded either in PHP (Laravel) or NodeJS.

2. Can I hire you

Unfortunately, No. We only sell templates, themes and starter kits. We're hppy to answer any questions you may have.

3. What do I need to know to be able to use your products?

You'd need to know HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you want to build your own system then you'd need to use a programming language - e.g. PHP, Node, Rails etc.

4. Refunds

We've given you a full preview to fully evaluate the product. Please make sure you understand what you are buying before making a purchase.